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Maybe you are a businessman or you are in a profession where you need to deal with foreign people.

Now you may need to use a USA based or Canada based phone number, what will you do?

Your local phone network company can’t provide any service for this. But hey!

You can now have your own phone number that belongs to US or Canada.

This is greatly helpful for people who need phone numbers from these countries for different purposes.

2ndLine Apk Features

Use as a Local Phone Number

Yes, you can use the phone number as your local number. Give the number to your friends and they can always call you in that number. This would be your very own phone number.

Unlimited Text and Picture Messaging

Do you need to send messages to US or Canada? No issues! You can send unlimited text messages using the app. Moreover, it allows sending picture messages that could be helpful for business.


The best feature of this app is its customization facility. The background, the text and call tone, vibration, everything you can set according to your preference.

This is highly beneficial for people who need a foreign number for professional purposes.

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