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Did you notice that people are now buying smartphones that have more data storage?

Well, this is because now we want to store more things on our phone.

Also, you may want to use different applications for a variety of works.

The problem is, RAM of a smartphone is limited.

So, when you install too many applications, it makes the phone slow.

So, you need something that can boost the speed up and All-in-one toolbox pro is the best solution for this.

All-in-one Toolbox Pro Apk Features

Remove Junk Files

When we are browsing the web, sometimes subconsciously we download some junk files.

This takes the memory space and makes the phone slow. All-in-one toolbox pro can easily identify those files and remove them.

Boost Speed

Is your smartphone is slow and you can work smoothly? You can easily speed up the phone using the app. It requires a few touches.

App Manager

As the name mentioned, you can control almost everything with a single app. The all-in-one toolbox can work as a file manager.

You can choose which apps do you want to keep running, starting apps, etc. without any additional things.

Download All-in-one Toolbox Pro

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