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Download Anxiety of Alina Apk

This is a survival game where you have to protect Alina from the attack of zombies.

Zombies will randomly attack and you have to use the torch for diminishing them.

There will be lots of them to kill.

Though it is named as an action game, you will find it the mission is more about surviving from zombies.

You will be in a single room alone. Get ready to show your bravery.

Anxiety of Alina Apk Features

Hand-Painted Graphics

Modern games indeed come with high definition graphics.

But what about a game where the interface is designed with hand painting?

Yes, this is possible when you are playing the Anxiety of Alina. This is a single-player game.

Kill Zombies with Flashlight

You will have a flashlight on hand. Focus the light on where the zombies are staying.

Don’t move around it because the resource is limited. Controlling is easy and user-friendly.

Dive into Comic World

By reading Alina’s notes, you can dive deeper into new comic stories. Win more levels to explore the stories.

Multiple Endings

What I di like most in this game is its ending. Instead of a particular ending, this one has multiple endings.

You can choose in which way you want to end the game.

Download Anxiety of Alina Apk

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