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Download Apple Music Apk

Music is the thing that can make anyone’s mode.

Whether you are in a tough situation or you are happy, you will love to listen to music.

It will soothe your mind. For this, you need to have a list of music with all categories.

If you are looking for something convenient, I will recommend installing the apple music app.

This is available for android users.

Apple Music Apk Features

Free to Start 

When you just have installed the app as a new user, you don’t have to pay for a subscription.

The first month is free for new users. If you like the app, you can continue in the next month with a subscription plan.

Large Collection of Songs 

The app has a large collection of different types of music.

Currently, you will find more than 60 million songs in it. You can pick based on category.

News About Artists 

Besides listening to music, you can stay connected with artists. Watch documentaries on their lifestyle.

Listen to live music or even on-demand music.

Create Playlist 

You have some favorite tracks, right? You can make a playlist with those songs for regular listening.

It is an easy to use app where you can enjoy both offline music and live concerts.

Download Apple Music Apk

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