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Download Artifact Quest 2: Match 3 Puzzle Apk

Do you like to solve puzzles? Then start playing a puzzle game on your phone by installing the Artifact Quest 2: Match 3 Puzzle.

Unlike the traditional puzzle games, this one doesn’t come with a simple background.

Instead, it is designed with a beautiful island background.

When you are playing and solving puzzles, you can enjoy the natural scene as the background.

By playing this game, you will help to build a new village on the island.

Artifact Quest 2: Match 3 Puzzle Features

Solve and Explore

There are unlimited levels in the game and you have to solve these levels to find new stuff.

When you have solved a new level, you will find some treasures.

Besides, you can win and collect trophies based on your performance.

You can collect ancient artifacts, jewels, and amulets.

Unique Mix of Challenges

It is not like a see and solve the puzzle. Besides the regular puzzle, you will find some unique mix of match-3, collapse, and more.

Two Modes

You can play this amazing puzzle game in two different modes.

In each mode, there will be new challenges. Choose the modes according to your preferences.

If you want to get addicted to a puzzle game, this one is recommended for you.

Download Artifact Quest 2: Match 3 Puzzle Apk

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