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Battle-of-Vicksburg-3 Apk

Download Battle of Vicksburg 3 Apk

Modern action games are full of surprises and different technologies.

But if you are fond of games that based on history, you will like this Battle of Vicksburg 3 game a lot.

The game is developed by Thorium Game Lab. During the game play, you have to play the role of different heroic characters.

However, that won’t be easy as you will have to take the lead to fight against enemies.

Battle of Vicksburg 3 Features

Classic Interface

The game is not based on the modern HD graphics.

It is more about the classic interface of gaming.

However, motion graphics are better than traditional games. Color contrast and scenes are perfect.

Enroll in the Army

Start by joining the North-South army to fight. Be the cavalry, infantry, artillery, sharpshooter or the navy to play.

Play the Historic Civil War

In this game, you will have to play the historic civil war battlefields of the Vicksburg Campaign.

There will be the ‘Big Black River Bridge’, ‘Champion Hill’ and ‘Railroad Redoubt’.

Take the Lead

Take the lead of commander and order the force what to do with right decision to protect your land from enemies.

For classic war gaming experience, this is the best game I can recommend.

Download Battle of Vicksburg 3 Apk

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