Breakout – Dark Prison: The Last Rescue Apk Download

Breakout – Dark Prison: The Last Rescue Apk

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Which gaming category do you like most? Is it the action and survival category?

If yes, I would recommend you to play the Breakout – Dark Prison: The Last Rescue apk game.

this is the most exciting action game where you need to be very intelligent to survive.

The game is based on an unknown virus outbreak.

The character’s daughter is kidnapped and needs to save her.

You will play the role of the father.

Breakout – Dark Prison: The Last Rescue Apk Features

No Modern Weapons

This game is more about the real world.

So, developers didn’t include any weapon for fighting.

So, you need to be brave enough to face the enemies in an empty hand and fight with them to win.

But with the upgrades, you will get new weapons for action.

Good Story Line

This RPG action game comes with a good storyline where your daughter has the unique DNA with immunity to survive from the virus.

As you are the father, emotion is involved in it.

Save People and Get New Resource

You will be the person who can save the world.

So, in the dark prison, you will have to save people and then collect new resources.

For a modern and exciting gaming experience, I recommend this game.

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