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Download Call Recorder Apk

Recording your phone calls is sometimes essential.

Especially, if you are in a business and you have to deal with phone calls.

It is not a difficult thing when you have installed a Call recorder app on your device.

It is simple and easy to install. It doesn’t require any payment for using it.

Just install and you are ready to use. Unlike some other call recording app, it won’t spoil the audio quality.

Call Recorder Apk Features

Automatic Call Recording

Most apps require to start recording the call manually.

But with this app, you can record the calls automatically.

There is no need for any additional commands for it.

This allows calling both incoming and outgoing calls automatically.

This can be helpful for your further usage.

Store the Audio in SD Card

Once you have recorded an audio call, you can directly store it on the SD card.

Also, when you need it, you can search by file name.

you can even change the order of the call recordings.

Playback the Conversation

All the phone conversations can be recorded in the mp3 format.

So, you can transfer the audio to different devices and playback them.

It can be your important conversation to take some notes.

Make White List and Black List 

Create a separate list of call recordings under the white list and blacklist. Also, make an exception for some calls.

This is a convenient call recording app for android.

Download Call Recorder Apk

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