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Download Car Theft of the Future Apk

This is an amazing action and simulation game developed by Naxeex LLC.

It is based on a city where you will roam around the city to defeat your enemies.

In your path, you will find different obstacles and you have to overcome those.

During playing the game, you can pick cars and other vehicles from a wide range of options.

Car Theft of the Future Apk Features

Good Graphics

If you compare to other simulation games, this one comes in a smaller size.

Still, the graphical interface is pretty good.

You will like the view of the city where trees, roads, and other objects look good.

Objects also move smoothly and you will feel great.

Drive Variety of Vehicles

As it is a simulation game, you will drive different vehicles to complete your mission and fight against your enemies.

You can choose from cars, tanks, motorbikes, etc. Even you can fly a helicopter in the city.


There is a wide range of weapon collection in this game.

Pick weapons and earn new resources to become more powerful.

Customize Yourself

You can customize your character with different additional equipment.

Change the outfit, the helmet, etc. Go for upper levels for new outfits.

This is a space-saving simulation game for you.

Download Car Theft of the Future Apk

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