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Feeling bored at home or waiting somewhere and feeling lonely?

Want to keep your mind busy with something interesting?

Then you are good to go for the game ‘Clue’.

This is a super exciting game where you will have the chance to work as a detective character.

In real life, it can be difficult to become a detective.

But in this game, you can do that by joining with others.

Clue App Features

HD Graphics 

Though it is a board game where you don’t need motion graphics like action games, still you are going to like the graphical interface.

Mostly the color contrast and combination make the whole interface attractive.

The characters are designed with the best aspect ratio.

Join Detectives 

When you are playing this board game, you will have the chance to join with Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Dr. Orchid Mr. Green, Professor Pulm, and some other people for solving a murder case.

Roll the Die and Continue Playing 

This is a board game where you will have to roll the die. Based on the result of the die, you will get different questions.

This is the clue of the game which you need to use properly.

To train your brain for complicated situations, this is the best app.

Download Clue App

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