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Do you consider yourself a big fan of comics? Or, do you have so much interest in comics?

Then the ComiXology app is highly recommended for you.

No matter which kind of comics do you love – whether it is a superhero based or sci-fi this app has the option for you.

Besides comics, you can also read manga from a popular publisher such as Marvel and DC.

Everything is in the digital form for your convenience.

Comixology App Features

Get Instant Access 

With this app, you will get easy and fast access to the comic world.

You don’t have to search on any other platform to find your favorite comics.

This app is giving you the chance to explore more than 10,000 comics, graphic novels, and manga.

Free to Start 

Though this is a premium app, you can start using the app for free and the good news is, you will get full access in the free version.

Currently, it is offering a 30-day trial or free.

Buy Directly from App 

You can directly buy the popular comics directly from your app.

You don’t have to visit different platforms for it.

Download and Move 

Once you have downloaded the comic book, you can move it to the SD card.

So, free up your phone easily and store more things.

Offline Reading 

Going for a remote area and want to carry your comics?

No problem! You can download them on your device and read them offline.

This is a perfect solution for comic lovers.

Download Comixology App

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