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Download Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Apk

If solving puzzles give you satisfaction, you should play this unique puzzle game. Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge is developed by ONESOFT.

They have brought the most unique features here. The game is based on a story where the gorgeous New Cyber York City, is under attack.

People need help to save the city and you can take responsibility. You have to stop the evil robots for protecting the city.

Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Features

Take the Leadership 

The puzzle game requires a leader who can lead the armies.

As the leader, you can take control of merging armies, making new strategies, take actions, and more.

You will get the most exciting gaming experience ever.

Diminish Your Enemies 

Only using guns is not enough to stop the enemies. It requires more.

For this, the game comes with the ACIDO feature.

With these features, you can spray concentrated acid to enemies.

If you point right, it will melt down enemies into liquid.

Be Brave 

Remember that your resource is limited. But you have to use this resource at a maximum level.

The enemies have the most advanced inventions of robotkind.

When you have nothing to do and looking for some amazing games, this should be on the list.

Download Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Apk

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