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Do you want to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes? Well, maybe in the real world this is not possible.

But there is no one-stop you to be a detective and solve different critical cases in a game.

It allows you to find clues and solve cases like a pro detective.

A mythological painting holds ominous secrets and you are the only person who can solve it.

Detective Jackie – Mystic Case Features

Be Detective Jackie

You will play the character of this person.

You are a talented private detective who has the power to bring the truth from clues.

The character has lost his daughter in a devastating fire and now he has dedicated his life to solving mysterious things.

Solve Murder Mystery

When you are playing the game, you will have to solve a murder case.

For this, you need to identify the clues from mythological proportions.

Interview Suspects

Like the real world, here you have to interview the suspects to find the probable accountable person.

Ask intelligent questions to solve the case.

60 Story Levels

The game includes 60 levels of mysterious things.

In each level, you have found out the truth.

Each case is different and will take the effort to analyze things and solving.

Be the powerful and reputed detective by playing it.

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