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Download Draw Race Apk

This is a car-based action game. Unlike traditional car racing, where the users will have to draw their own car.

No matter which Android device or which version of android are you using, this game supports almost all devices and versions.

There are no in-app purchase features. Simply install the game and get all the features at once. It is suitable for all ages.

Draw Race Features

Drawing Skills

To play the game, you need to draw your own car.

No matter what kind of car do you like.

Draw it and start playing. Anything that you draw in the game, will get the shape of the car.

Now start the race and win the game.

Ideal for Kids

If you don’t want to allow your kids to play some action games, you can give this one.

Instead of violence games, this game will teach creativity to your kids.

As the game requires to draw new cars each time for racing, kids will improve their imagination power and drawing skills.

Easy to Play

There is nothing complicated in it. Simply install the game, draw your car, win the race and go for next. Controlling your car is easy.

This is an addictive game. Once you have started will like to spend more time on it.

Download Draw Race Apk

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