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Download DreamWorks Trolls Pop Game Apk

Over the past years, we have seen the popularity of bubble shooting game is increasing.

This is because most of the people like to play this kind of games for passing the boring time.

Bubble shooter games are addictive that you will want to play again and again.

If you are bored of playing conventional style bubble shooting, now install the DreamWorks Trolls Pop: Bubble Blast!

This one comes with more updated features.

DreamWorks Trolls Pop: Bubble Blast Apk Features

Solve Puzzles

This game come with good graphics and better color combination.

You have to solve the puzzles of balls to complete a level.

Match the colors and break the bubbles. It will give you a satisfying feel.

Special Powers

Sometimes you will find it is difficult to break the bubbles.

In that case, you can use your special power.

you have to collect the powerful stuff for becoming pro.

Use the magic missile, Razzle Dazzle, and rainbow bubble.

Collect Your Trolls

During playing the game, you can collect new unique trolls.

Then customize the trolls with fun and unique costume.

The game comes with lots of levels where you can continuously play.

This game features 330 levels for making it more fun.

Download DreamWorks Trolls Pop Game Apk

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