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If you are a user of a smartphone, you know that sometimes you may need to share your files with others.

This could be any type of file that you want to share.

The traditional way was sharing files through email, Bluetooth, etc.

But that is a time killer and you can’t share the bulk amount of files.

For this, the Feem v3 pro comes in the market.

This is one of the best Wi-Fi file sharing app.

Feem v3 pro Apk Features

Without the Internet

Yes, there is no need for any data connection for sharing your files.

The only thing you need to turn on is the Wi-Fi feature of your phone.

When you have installed the app, it will show you all the options from where you can select.

Any Type of Files

No matter what kind of files do you want to share.

Feem v3 pro allows sharing different kinds of files without any issues.

Documents, images, videos, etc. are easy to send with it.

Supports All Operating Systems

This is the coolest part of the app.

You can easily share files from your Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Linux devices.

For a simple solution of file sharing, this is the best app in the app store.

Download Feem v3 pro Apk

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