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In the world of web, sometimes we get stuck in a point just because of the geographical location.

This can happen to anyone at any point. For instance, sometimes you may want to play a game and it is saying the feature is not available in your region.

The same can happen in other conditions. People sometimes use a VPN service for changing the location.

But the fact is, a good VPN app will ask for a subscription. But you can enjoy all the advanced features for free when using FGL pro.

FGL Pro Apk Features

Easy to Use

Unlike the common location changing apps, there is no complex thing in it.

The app interface is easy to understand any anyone can use it. Moreover, the graphics quality is good.

Change Location at Any time

You can change your device location at any time anywhere. For instance, when you are driving, walking, and similar things, you can create a fake location for yourself.

Joystick Simulator

Maybe you are wondering if there is any joystick simulator. Yes, the feature is available in the app. It will give you the best experience.

For fake locations without paying, FGL pro is the best.

Download FGL Pro Apk

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