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Staying fit is the most challenging thing in the world.

Thanks to smartphone apps because of their smart features to make workouts easy.

A single app can provide you all the necessary data related to workout.

Among different apps, the Fitbit app is one of the most popular apps.

Unlike other fitness apps, you can track all your activities without connecting the device of Fitbit.

Fitbit App Features

Count each Step 

This is the basic thing of the app. When you have installed the app on the phone, it will track each of your steps.

The accurate count helps you to know how much distance did you cover.

If you are using the Fitbit tracker, you will get sleep time, burned calories, and more.

Enhance Running Performance 

This app will enhance your running with the essential information.

You can track the time, distance, and pace to achieve the desired goal.

Record Workout 

For your analyzing purpose, you can record your workout activities.

Thus, you can check the improvement, effect on daily life, and, more.

Get Detailed Heart Rate 

If you pair the tracker with the app, this will provide the exact data of your heart rate.

For example, if you want to keep the heart rate in a particular zone when running, the Fitbit app will be greatly helpful.

You should install the app when you want accuracy in tracking data.

Download Fitbit App

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