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Communicating and calling apps are becoming so much popular. 

WhatsApp is one of the best chattings and calling app. 

When using the official app, you may feel like there could have some additional features. 

That is why different developers team has developed a wide range of mode versions of the app. 

Among them, Fm WhatsApp is one of the best. 

This application uses the same server as the official one does. 

It is modified to give all the advantages to its users that are not available in the regular version.

Fm WhatsApp Apk Features

  • Individual App Lock

You may use the built-in app lock feature of your phone.

But it is recommended to use something better.

The app comes with its own locking system that you can use the keep the app locked.

  • Privacy Settings

The problem with chatting apps is, you can’t logout from the app.

So, keeping yourself hide from online status is difficult.

FM WhatsApp gives you the freedom to hide your status online.

You can freeze the last seen so that people think you are not online for a while.

Also, you can hide the view status which is not possible with the official one.

  • Calls Filter

Don’t want to get unexpected calls in your WhatsApp?

No issues! FM WhatsApp can filter the calls for you.

You can select some particular numbers to get calls.

So, filter the numbers that you don’t want.

  • Sharing Files

Lots of people use WhatsApp to share files.

But WhatsApp allows the file size up to 25 MB.

With FMWhatsApp, you can share up to 700 MB sized file.

  • Choose Different Themes

The official WhatsApp has a default theme and you have to use it.

To give you a better experience, FMWhatsApp has YOthemes from where you can pick one that you liked.

This mode version is a good thing for people who want some customization in WhatsApp.

Download Fm WhatsApp Apk

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