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Racing games always have a different appeal to gamers.

Even some people love to play only racing games.

If you are a racing game freak and looking for something new, I would recommend installing the Forza Street racing car game.

It is a newly released game that comes with some exceptional features to make it enjoyable.

Here you can pick a variety of events to start the race.

Forza Street Apk Features

Collect Iconic Cars

Start your first race and continue winning the games.

You will get the chance to upgrade your car with more power.

Besides, there is a wide range of car collections that you can achieve by winning races.

From regular cars to supercars, everything is available in it.

Amazing Cinematic Racing

Like the real world car race, here you will get all cinematic things.

Gas refills, timing, brake, etc. are the keys to improve in this game.

You will also like the high definition graphical interface.

The car moves smoothly on the track.

Race As You Wish

You don’t have to pick an event all the time for racing.

Select a quick minute race when you are waiting somewhere and make your time enjoyable.

You can also drive into story-driven events.

This is an exciting car racing game for all ages.

Download Forza Street Apk

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