GB Instagram Apk Download For Android ( Mod Version )

Mod based applications for android are becoming so much popular to users. People like to use them because the mod version gives more facilities than the original one. One of the most popular social apps Instagram also comes in different mod versions with some unique features. Among them, GB Instagram Apk is popular than others.

This version gives you the freedom to customize Instagram in your own style. It will take you to a whole new level of social media applications.


GB Instagram Apk Features

Easy to Install 

Unlike some other mod version of Instagram, this version is not difficult to install.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can follow the simple steps as described in the app.

Give the necessary permissions and you are good to go to install the app.

Download Image and Videos 

When using Instagram, you may find some amazing images and videos which you may want to download.

In the regular version, there is no way of downloading an image or video.

But on the GB Instagram, you can easily download images or videos with a single tap.

Zoom Images 

When seeing an image in the app, you can’t make it bigger or larger in the regular app.

GB Instagram allows zooming the image easily.

Unlimited Themes 

GB Instagram app comes with tons of themes to choose from.

This will give you relief from the boring single theme for Instagram.

It Is Safe for Your Device 

While most of the mod versions contain malware or virus, GB plus ensures that their app doesn’t have any malware.

So, it would be safe for your device.

Built-in Translator 

When catting or browsing the timeline, you can translate the messages and comments with the built-in translator and it is easy to do.

GB Instagram Apk is the best way to get a customized Instagram interface in your device.

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