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Download GbWhatsApp Apk

If you are a user of WhatsApp, probably you have heard about the GbWhatsApp apk.

The apk allows any user to use the main WhatsApp app in the Mod format.

Why people are using the app so happily? Well, the main fact behind this is its extra function.

Besides the main features and functions of the main WhatsApp, you will also enjoy some additional features.

You can use the app for communicating people from your contacts.

GbWhatsApp Apk Features

Change the Theme

Are you getting bored with the common theme of WhatsApp? Looking for something unique?

Then GbWhatsApp is the solution for you. Some users of the app are making free themes from where you can also pick one.

Send Large Files

You can flawlessly send larger files with this apk. For instance, you can send up to 50 MB size of video files which is not available in the regular app.

Hide Things as You Want

Don’t want to show yourself online? Customize online status. You can also hide seen messages and delivered messages.

Yes, you will get everything that you wish in the regular WhatsApp app.

Besides the above things, you can use stickers from the play store, add new launcher, new theme, and more.

Download GbWhatsApp Apk

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