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This is the default apk for the pixel device. It gives the best experience for the camera. Now, you can install the gcam apk in other devices too. Samsung, OnePlus and some other devices will support the apk. When this app is on your phone, you can use all the features like a pixel phone.

GCam Apk Features


Do you want to take photos with the HDR+ mode? This app will allow you to do that without any interruption. In the low light scene, this app gives an amazing performance.

Night Sight

When you are taking a photo at night, most of the time the quality of the photo is not satisfactory. But with this app, you can take photos with the best quality even without the flash.


Portrait mode photos are becoming popular and the gcam apk will give you the freedom to take the photos in different angles with the perfect color and perfect angle.

Super Res Zoom 

If you take a photo by zooming, the quality of that picture become blurry with regular devices. The super res zoom will make it sharp.

Google Lens Suggestions 

This is a smart feature that you will get with the apk. Just focus your camera on a URL or barcode, the apk will show you different suggestions from where you can pick the desired one.

If you are bored with the picture quality of your phone, this apk will be the best option for you. It is fun to use this apk.

Download APK (No dpi)

Download APK (480 dpi)

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