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After the invention of the smartphone, a revolution happened in the photography industry.

Now everyone has a smartphone and most of them like to capture different moments.

But when you are taking tons of photos, your phone memory will run out.

The situation becomes worst when you need to take more photos in an important event and there is no space.

For an effective solution, Google has introduced the Google Photos app.

Google Photos App Features

Backup Your Photos and Videos

The app will automatically keep the backup of your photos and videos from the phone.

Just install the app and give permission. Next time when you need additional space, you can delete some photos from phone memory without losing them.

Organize the Photos

The app has smart features that will automatically organize your files for creating an album.

Finding your photos will be easy with it. moreover, there is a search option that allows you to find old photos within a few seconds.

Automatic Creations

Sometimes you may want to create amazing slideshows based on a particular event.

Well, this does not need to be done manually.

Google photos automatically create these things and save you time.

Edit Photos in the App 

You can directly edit your photos in the app. Add frames, do color correction, add filters, and more like any smart photo editing app.

To keep your memories alive, Google photos are the best apk.

Download Google Photos App

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