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Moving around an unknown city can be very tough for someone. Especially, if you want to go to a particular place within the shortest possible time. Though there are some map apps available in the play store, those don’t show the actual view of the road while the Google Street View app will show you the actual road. You will get the visual of the path.

Google Street View app Features


The first thing you will notice in the app is its user-friendly interface. Everything is easier in the app and you don’t have to spend time finding the right features.

Trusted Photos 

All the photos of the streets are from the trusted photographers that ensure that you are getting the exact location map with real photos.

Add Your Photos 

When you are moving around a place, you can open your camera to add the real-time photos of that road. These photos will be shown to others when they are moving in the same place.

Video Beta 

Want to make the app smoother for others? Then open the beta version of the video which will record the surrounding road.

Though till now the street view map is not like the Google map, still it helps to recognize places with less effort.

Download Google Street View APK

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