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This is a scary game to play on your android device.

If you consider yourself brave and looking for something exciting, install this game.

The game is about Grandpa and Granny where they are a ruthless hunter and looking for their prey.

The main target of them is hunting the tourists.

Your mission is to hunt the tourists and putting them in the car trunk for further entertainment.

Hunt as much as you can.

Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters Features

Amazing Horror Scenes

For any horror game, the most important part is the interface of it.

Because in an ordinary graphical interface, you won’t get the excitement of playing a horror game.

Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters, everything is designed properly with perfect dark and light modes.


This game is quite challenging. You won’t be able to hunt your prey easily.

During your hunt, you need to be smart so that no one can understand that you are waiting for them.

This is like a hide-and-seek play. Your neighbors will call the police if they know about you.

It’s Fun

Though the mission of the game is scary, it is actually fun to play.

Each scene and features in the game are for enjoyment.

Start playing one of the best horror games on your phone.

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