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This is a casual game which is developed by Bolingo Games.

Unlike the direct-action games, this one is based on a story.

The story is about the treasure of Lord God Odin.

The treasure is suddenly disappeared in the world.

Now you will have to take the responsibility to find it out.

The only clue to find this treasure is finding the princess and defeating the enemies.

Hell Warriors Features

Good Graphics

The game comes with a good graphical interface.

The characters are designed based on the real colors.

Everything looks great. The objects are designed with proper aspect ratio and move smoothly during the game.

The interface looks like a fairy tale story.

Face the Devil

Here you have to find the princess.

But that won’t be easy for you. There will so many obstacles.

The most difficult one is the devil.

You have to dodge the devil to go for the princess and find the clues.

Variety of Maps

Don’t worry about the path of your way.

There is a super variety of maps to find the desired locations.

Surprising Enemies

This game seems easy at the beginning.

But over time, you will find some surprising enemies which are difficult to defeat.

For action wars, play this game.

Download Hell Warriors Apk

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