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The puzzle game is a good challenge for your brain. You can always keep it busy with a puzzle.

Though most of the puzzle games come with modern features, it comes with the old fashion style.

It is a Jigsaw puzzle game that is why the name is like that.

If you have ever played this game in childhood, now you will discover this as a new thing.

Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle Game Features

Play at Any time

No matter wherever you are, you can play this game.

It doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection or purchasing anything.

It is free to play. Just turn on the game and start matching the pieces of an image.

Tons of Levels 

Unlike the childhood jigsaw puzzle game, where you don’t have to stick to a particular image.

There are hundreds of images with new puzzles.

So, each time you pass a level, there will be a different level with a new image.

Easy Controlling

Nothing is complicated in this amazing puzzle game.

Like the board jigsaw, here you can drag and drop the pieces of the image to match it.

Wide Range of Images 

There are tons of images in hexa jigsaw puzzle. You can play the puzzle with amazing landscapes, animals, interior design, and more.

Play this game and make your leisure enjoyable.

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