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This is the era of modern technology and it touched the entertainment industry too.

Now, you can enjoy all your favorite TV programs, movies, sports, news, etc. directly on the phone.

However, most of the time people use individual apps for each thing.

But what about an app where you will get everything in one place?

Yes, iflix is the app that allows enjoying everything easily with a single app.

iflix Apk Features

Watch Different Programs

In one app, you can enjoy many things. The first thing you will like the wide range of movie collections.

It always brings a newly updated list of movies from where you can choose one.

Also, you can watch your favorite TV programs. For sports and news, they have a different section where you can watch these.

Multiple Languages 

It supports multiple languages for users’ convenience.

Currently, it supports English, Thai, Burmese, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese & Sinhala subtitles.

So, understanding the programs is not difficult anymore.

Dedicated Kids Section 

You will love this unique feature. This section allows entertaining your kids when you are busy.

All the programs are kid-friendly and no worries about unwanted things.

Watch Offline 

Don’t have the facility to enjoy programs online?

No problem! You can download videos for watching offline.

Wherever you get an internet connection, you can download files.

This app is a one-stop solution for the entertainment world.

Download iflix Apk

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