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Download Internet Cafe Simulator Apk

This is a simulation game where you will run the business of an internet café.

The full control of the business will be on your hand. You can choose what you want to do.

You can run the business legally or you can choose to run an illegal business.

When you are running the business illegally, it can cost you a lot. So, be careful about your strategy.

Internet Cafe Simulator Game Features

Manage the Business 

As the owner of the business, you have to manage everything.

The shop rent needs to be paid regularly to avoid interruption in business.

At the same time, make your customers happy so that you get a reputation for the business.

Open New Branches 

When you are making enough profit from your business, now it is time to grow your business for something big.

Open new branches in new areas. You can buy crypto money to get more profit.

Buy New Items 

You can’t run the business with conventional items. Instead, invest in new elegant items for your business.

Buy the new upgraded computers and other equipment to get new customers frequently.

This is a real business simulation game where you have full control of your business.

Download Internet Cafe Simulator Apk

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