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Day by day, now we are depending more on our smartphone.

There are apps for almost everything. People are also using multiple apps on the phone for making life easier.

Indeed, you can make your life easy but so many apps on the phone is a pain.

You need something that can handle things in the right manner.

Killapps pro is the app that will help you to manage all the apps like a pro.

Killapps Apk Pro Features

Close All Apps at Once

Did you run too many apps at the same time on your phone? Want to close them all at once? No problem!

Using the Killapps pro, you can turn off all the running apps at once. Moreover, you can prevent them from restarting.

Saves Memory

Using the app, you can save some additional memory on your phone. This helps to boost the phone speed. It also saves battery power.

Exception List

You may have some important apps on the phone that you need to use all the time. For this, you can make an exception list.

This is a helpful app for people who used to run so many apps. It will save battery, cool down CPU, and keeps the phone faster.

Download Killapps Apk Pro

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