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We are living in the most advanced world. Everything is now digital and becoming easier for the users.

Once, whenever we thought about video editing, the only option was PC which is not convenient.

But days have been changed. Now you can edit videos directly on your smartphone.

Among different video editing apps, Kinemaster Apk is the most popular one.

KineMaster Apk Features

Multiple Layers in Videos

Like PC software, you can easily add different layers in videos.

You can also cut and paste video footage with the app.

Add images and add two or more videos together with finger touch using a single app.

Built-In Tools

There are all the essential tools are included in the app for editing videos.

Cropping, trimming, splicing, everything is now easier with the Kinemaster app.

You won’t feel like you need more tools once you have started using this app.

Moreover, it offers a special affect feature.

Add Background Music

Want to remove the old background sound or noise?

No problem, Kinemaster allows doing the thing with a few steps.

You can add customized background music without any hassle.

Keyframe Animation

The app comes with a built-in Keyframe animation app.

Now you can add motion graphics to your videos.

If you have the Kinemaster app on your phone, there is no need for additional video editing software.

Download KineMaster APK

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