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This is a role-playing game where you will play the role of human and your friend will be beast.

Yes, you will play the game in such a world where human and beast coexist.

The world is in peace after the God of Ruin has passed away.

But you will get a mission to rescue a young girl.

To complete the rescue mission, you will play the character of a young hot-blooded knight named Kyle and your friend will be Rei which is a fearless beast.

Last Cloudia Features

Looks Like a Movie

This is not an ordinary action game. It comes with a stunning graphical interface and better camera action.

You will play the game in a unique 3D mode where everything is visible.

Experience the Thrilling Battle

During your play, you will experience the tension and the adrenaline-rush battle.

Enjoy super flashy moves while fighting against the monsters. You will have to face several bosses.

Customizable Character

This game comes with lots of characters and you will play the main characters.

You can customize yourself with new resources. Gain more power to defeat powerful bosses.

When you think that you have enough skills to defeat anyone, you can now start playing with others in PVP.

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