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The traditional games are almost the same. You will have to do some action.

But if you want to stay away from these and want to play something new, I will recommend the Love Sick: Interactive Stories.

This is a romantic game where you will play a major role. There are different stories in the game and each story comes from written books.

Here, you will find potential lovers and rivals come to life.

Love Sick: Interactive Stories Features

Different Stories

As I have mentioned before, the game is based on a variety of stories.

You can choose from three different types of stories which are VAMPIRE BALL, PRINCESS LIANA, and PRETTY SPY: WEDDING PLANNER.

Each story has some exciting features that you will like.

Make Your Own Style of Relationship

You don’t have to play a particular role with constant style. you can choose what do you want to include in your relationship.

This gives you the freedom to be in an exciting relationship.

Test Your Flirting Skills

In this game, you will have to make girls happy to make a relationship with them.

For this, you may start by flirting them. Test your flirting skills and apply different techniques.

This game is fun. It works like a real-world relationship.

Download Love Sick Apk

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