Lucky Patcher Apk Download ( Version 8.5.2)


Download Lucky Patcher Apk

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

Nowadays, people use tons of apps on their phone. Sometimes you can’t even remember which app did install and what permissions the app has taken. Checking and controlling them individually can be a difficult task. To solve this problem, there is a cool app named Lucky Patcher apk. It will give you the freedom to control and monitor your apps conveniently.

The size of the app is only 7.2 MB. Unlike some other monitoring apps, there are no harmful code or malware in the app. Rating of the app is pretty good that indicates this one is a good app.

Lucky Patcher Apk Features

Control Permissions

Sometimes we need to install some apps that require so many permissions which are not required for the app. But we may need the app immediately. You can protect the privacy with Lucky Patcher.

Remove Ads

Nowadays, games or any other online apps are showing too many ads. You can control them and remove them with Lucky Patcher.

Unlock Game Resources

When you play different games on your mobile, some resource remains unlock and you need to wait for it. But with Lucky Patcher, you can get those resources such as coins, gems, and more.

Besides these features, you can do much more. However, you need to root the device for optimal service.

How To Use Lucky Patcher in Android?

Follow blew instructions. let’s checkout:

  1. Download Lucky Patcher File
  2. After download apk file then install it in your android device. open it and allow root access. then you will see “custom patch available” “License verification found” ” In-app purchases found”.

How To Remove Advertisement:

  • First, Click and Open Patches Menu  => Then Remove Google Ads => Then Press Patch to remove Google Ads => Then Click Apply.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

Download Lucky Patcher

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