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What is your favorite fast-food delivery platform? Is it McDonald’s? Then you can now order your favorite items with less hassle and less time. How? All you need to do is installing the app on your smartphone. McDonald’s have launched their own app for mobile users from where you can directly ask for the delivery of your favorite food.

McDonald’s App Features

Choose Your Style of Pick Up 

With the app, you can select your own style for picking the food item. You can choose Curbside, Counter and Drive-Thru Pickup. So, you don’t have to bother yourself to order and pick up the food.

Full Menu

You will have access to the full menu of them. Find out the right food item and order it through your phone.

Exclusive Offers 

Using the app, you can have some exclusive offers and discounts. This will save you some extra bucks.

Customized Order 

Sometimes you want to have a customized meal delivery, right? For this, McDonald’s apk has a customized ordering system. You can combine different meals.

Pay Directly 

The app supports all the major payment methods. Using the built-in feature, you can directly pay the bill with your phone.

In a single sentence, you will have an easy process of ordering something from McDonald’s.

Download McDonald’s APP

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