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When you are in the smartphone and you want to chat with one of your Facebook friends, you need to use an additional app for chatting. Though there are some third-party apps, the messenger apk is the official app of Facebook that allows you to chat with your friends.

Messenger Apk Features

Audio Calling 

When you have a messenger on phone, there is no need of using your phone network for calling. If the person is in online, you can directly call with your messenger app. The audio is very clear and interruption-free.

Video Calling 

Want to see some of your friends and family members who are living in a different country? No problem! With messenger, you can directly give a video call to them and the video quality is pretty amazing.


Sometimes you may want to share your fun photos with friends in private. Direct message option allows you to share a wide range of media files including images, videos, audios, PDF, and more. The interesting thing is file loads faster in messenger.


Messenger is a user-friendly app. All features are easy to use and any newcomer can easily understand it. If you have a messenger on the phone, there is no need for any additional calling or chatting app. Its a popular communication app.

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