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Download MI File Manager Apk

The modern smartphone comes with lots of features.

You may want to store different types of files in your device.

But the problem is, when there are tons of files in the device, managing them becomes difficult.

For this, Mi has introduced an amazing file manager app.

Do whatever you want with your files. The app is compatible with all android devices.

MI File Manager Features

Make Categories for Files

Do you have tons of files in the device?

No problem! Arrange them according to categories.

It is simple and easy with the Mi file manager.


Check the storage of your phone memory and SD card.

Move them from one place to another.

Copy and paste the files and rename them easily.

Clean Junk Files

Did you find that your device is becoming slow?

The main reason is cache files.

Use the app to remove all cache files to free some space for storing additional things.

Share Files in Offline

Using the Mi drop file sharing option, share different files to your friends.

It is fast and easy compared to similar apps.

Select Multiple Files

You can perform a single operation for multiple files by selecting them.

Different Languages

This app currently supports most of the common and popular languages.

Use the app in English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Español, and more.

This is the best file manager so far for easy usage.

Download MI File Manager Apk

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