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Playing videos on a smartphone is a daily habit of most people and Mi Video App can help in playing them effortlessly.

No matter to which background you belong, you would like to play videos on your smartphone as it is convenient. No matter what kind of video do you play, you need a video-playing app. Obviously, there are tons of options. But if you consider the user experience and the privacy protection, you need to be concerned. Mi Video is one of the best apps considering privacy protection.

Besides playing videos from your device, you can also find entertaining content directly in the app. There are endless opportunities to enjoy exclusive videos. Here we have shared the details of Mi Video Apk. Check this out and you will know why this app is popular.

Mi Video App

The Features of Mi Video App

User-Friendly Interface

The first thing you need to consider for an app is its user-friendliness. Considering the fact, Mi Video apk is useful for the users. Once you install the app, there is no particular permission you need to allow. Just install it and check the categories of the app. There you will find multiple categories like local videos, trending videos, video library, and more. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right category. The graphics quality is good. It is simple and easy to navigate without any technical knowledge.

Play Videos from Your Device

Mi Video allows users to play the videos directly from their devices. It is easy to play the videos, and there won’t be any interruption while trying to play a video. In the local video category, you can select the videos directly from your device. Moreover, while playing the videos from your smartphone or other android devices, you can add them to a particular list. If you watch the same videos again and again, making a separate list would help a lot. All the popular video formats are supported by this app including mp4.

Supports Playing Online Videos

If you check a general video player in the app store, you will find most of them are designed and developed only to play videos from the device. But in Mi Video, besides playing back the videos from your device, you can also play online videos. If you choose to play an online video, there won’t be any issue about the video quality. Any online video you pick; you can play it in the desired resolution. Moreover, the app runs fast on the device. Depending on the device’s features and version, it may vary.

Large Library of Content

The most exciting feature of the Mi Video app is its content library. You will find unlimited videos to watch. No matter what kind of entertaining content do you like most, you will find something for yourself. The videos that are available in the library are suitable to play with high definition. Besides high-quality visuals, the audio quality would also be great. However, depending on your device’s feature, the video quality may vary. For instance, if your smartphone doesn’t support HD videos, you won’t be able to play a video from the library in HD mode.

Instant Search Feature

Looking for a particular video, and you are not getting that one in the library? Well, this is not an uncommon thing. Sometimes you may look for a different video that doesn’t match the library collection. But you don’t need to be worried if you are not getting that video. In the Mi Video app interface, you will find a search option. Simply type the name of the video there, and the app will show a list of possible videos. You can easily find your desired video in that way.

Trending Videos

We are living in a society where something exciting is happening all the time. Because of tons of smart devices out there, there is a good chance that someone has to capture a particular thing. Some of such kinds of videos may go viral and come on the trending list. So, as an entertaining content lover, you might want to enjoy all the trending videos. Considering this, the Mi Video apk has a separate section where you could find an unlimited number of trending videos. It could be a viral video, a trending song, a certain incident, and more. That means without going and using multiple apps, you would find everything in one play just by downloading the Mi Video app.

Customizable Interface

Any app for smartphone or tablets come with some particular features. Now, for any reason, if you want to change the setting and the interface, the app needs to permit customization. The good thing is, in Mi Video Apk, you would find various options to customize the user interface. You can go for dark mode in the app, organize video channels to enjoy them later, and more. However, customizing things in this app doesn’t require too much expertise or technical knowledge. You can even subscribe to video creators so that you can find them easily whenever entering the app.

Optimized for Better Experience

For various mobile applications, sometimes you might find that the app is not working smoothly. Such things mostly happen when the app is not optimized. It may use too much ram from the device and slow down it. The good thing is, the Mi Video is optimized to perform better regardless of the devices. So, even with an old device, you may find the app is running smoothly, and there are no major issues. This becomes only possible because of the app optimization feature of Mi Video.


  • The app interface is easy to navigate
  • Endless numbers of videos are available in the library
  • Supports playing online videos in HD
  • Suitable to most of the video formats
  • Runs fast on most the devices
  • Easy to find a targeted video using the search feature


  • Features may vary depending on your location
  • You may not always find the video you are searching

App Info :

Current Version : 2021040200(MiVideo-GP)

Last Updated : 25 April, 2021

App Size : Varies with devices

Requires Android : 6.0 and up

Supports multiple file format : MKV, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, and more.

App developed by : Xiaomi Inc.

Category : Entertainment

If you have any questions, contact here (mivideo-feedback@xiaomi.com)

Final Words

If you want to sink into the world of entertainment, just download the Mi Video app, give the necessary permission, and start using it. The app is developed by tech giant Xiaomi, so you can expect to have better features. Moreover, it is an optimized app, which requires less ram to run on the device. So, the overall performance of the app is satisfactory.

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