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Do you have to wish to be the president of Russia or the USA?

Well, in real life maybe it so much difficult for one who never participated in politics.

But who will stop you to be president in the game?

Yes, in the Modern Age Premium – President Simulator apk, you can be the president of either Russia or the USA.

This is a simulator game where you have to act like the president and have to make tough decisions.

Modern Age Premium President Simulator Apk Features

Develop War System

In this simulation game, you have to get prepared to stay ready for wars.

You will control the military unit to collect resources for them and buy military products.

To win against other countries, you have to develop a strong army base.


As the president of the country, here you will control the ministries.

Identify what your citizens are demanding.

Based on their demand, you have to take major steps for the development of health, defense, education, and infrastructure sectors.

Male Laws

You can make new laws for the betterment of your country as well as the citizen. Moreover, there you can change the tax policy to develop your country.

Though it is a simulation game, you will have to maintain all the steps that a real president does.

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