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Download Mx Player Apk

One of the common purposes of using a smartphone is enjoying amazing entertainment content.

Especially, watching movies or listening to music with a video background.

But to play a video on your smartphone, you need to take the help of a video player.

You may use the default player or you can select a new one. The second option is better.

Though nowadays there are tons of video players app, the Mx player is the most popular one.

Mx Player Apk Features

Doesn’t Ask for Much Permission

When you are installing the app on your phone, it won’t ask for much permissions.

Only giving the basic permissions is enough for using the app comfortably. No private data will be leaked with it.

HW+ Decoder

For hardware acceleration, the app comes with an HW+ decoder. This enhances the performance of the app.

Zoom in and Out

During playing a video file in the app, you can pinch for zoom in and out. Also, pan and zoom available in it.

Kids’ Lock

Suppose you are giving the tablet or smartphone to your kid for listening to music or watching the cartoon, you can use the display lock to prevent unwanted touch and calls.

This is the best app in play store that can play a wide range of video formats without any issues.

Download Mx Player Apk

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