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Anime is a trending thing currently. Especially, people are watching and liking anime movies a lot.

If you are a big fan of anime, you should start playing this game.

Here, you will have a super cute anime girlfriend. This is a kind of Zombie game.

The game is based on a story where your childhood friend has died earlier and you want to get her back.

So, you have taken the help of black art and finally, get her back. But she became a zombie.

My Zombie Girlfriend: Anime Girlfriend Game Features

Variety of Characters

The game is not designed based on a single character.

Rather, it includes 3 different characters with a variety of features.

Three characters are Jane – The Tsundere Zombie, Alex – The Caring Zombie, Mary – The Energetic Friend. In each one, you get something exciting.

Good Graphics

As we all know that anime movies come with high graphics, this game is also based on good graphics quality.

Everything comes with the proper aspect ratio and the color contrast to make it enjoyable.


Behind the game, there is an excellent story that will attract you.

You will fall in love with the anime girlfriend role-playing character.

For anime fans, this game is a must-play.

Download My Zombie Girlfriend Apk

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