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Download Onmyoji Chess Apk

When you are stuck at home and you can’t do anything, the best thing you can do is playing some board games.

Also, it could be friends and family gatherings where you want to play something in a group.

If you are looking for something different in the board game category, I would recommend you to play this Onmyoji Chess game.

This game is designed based on the Onmyoji and developed by NetEase Games.

Onmyoji Chess Apk Features

Play with Other Members

Unlike the common mobile games, here you can play with a group.

Yes, you can include a maximum of 8 members to play the chess game.

Players will battle together to win the game.

Play in Various Styles

The game doesn’t come with a single chessboard.

There is a variety of chess boards and accessories available for the users.

You can pick different styles of the board for playing.

Each item comes in the Japanese unique style.

Smooth and Fast

Usually, when you have an old device, you can’t play modern games.

But this board game is not like those conventional games.

It comes with a small size and easily runs on different devices.

This game will make your family gathering more enjoyable.

Download Onmyoji Chess Apk

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