PC Remote VIP 7.1.1 Apk Download For Android

Download PC Remote VIP Apk

The smartphone on your hand and the computer that you are running use different operating systems.

People want to have a smart solution so that they can use two devices simultaneously.

Well, this is now possible with a single application.

All you have to do is downloading and installing the PC remote VIP 7.1.1 version.

The app is designed by Monect and it will help you in different ways.

PC Remote VIP Features

Devices Simulation

Once you have installed the apk, you can use it as digital simulation.

The phone will become like a remote control for your computer.

You can use it as a gamepad, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Make Your PC Touch

Yes, you can control your PC with a few touches like your smartphone.

You need to it through your smartphone.

Use as a Projector

You can use your smartphone as a projector to show the photos, videos, etc. from phone to computer display.

Edit Files Between Phone and PC

You can export files from your PC to the phone or from the phone to the PC.

This gives you the freedom to edit the files wherever you want.

The app has lots of features that you can’t even count.

Install it and enjoy using your desktop PC like the smartphone.

Download PC Remote VIP Apk

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