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When you buy something new, did you see that there is a barcode on the product?

This can be any product, your grocery, electronics, and different things.

The production company gives a barcode on the product which can tell you the details about that item.

But you can’t understand that without any barcode reader.

QR scanner pro is the app that makes it easy to understand barcode.

QR Code Scanner Pro App Features

Barcode Reader 

Read the barcode from anything. It is so easy with a QR scanner.

Open the app, aim the camera to the code and get the information.

Further, you can search for more information about the product.

Read the QR Code 

Besides barcode, sometimes you will find another code which is called QR code.

Using the code, you may want to get access to something or want to know some information.

Simply use the app to read that code.

VIP Access 

If you want advanced features in the app, you should choose the QR Scanner VIP.

Then you can use the app for customizing code and generate QR code.

Also, some additional features that are not available in the regular version.

This app is easy to use and lets you know all the details about a product.

Download QR Scanner Pro App

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