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Quick Shortcut Maker Apk

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We used to install so many apps on our android phone.

Sometimes it becomes a hassle to control and manage all the apps at once.

Especially, you might have some apps on your phone which you don’t use frequently.

To manage them properly and create shortcuts for the apps, there is an amazing app which is known as Quick Shortcut Maker.

This single app is enough to manage everything on your phone.

You can create shortcuts for the home screen and browse the apps whenever you want.

Quick Shortcut Maker Apk Features


Though the app may seem like it is difficult to operate, once you are getting used to, you will find it is easier.

Everything is easy to understand and the features are designed to make it convenient for the users.

Make Your Favorite List

Do you have too many apps on your phone and want to sort the apps according to your preference?

Then a simple favorite list is enough for it.

The Quick Shortcut Maker app makes it possible.

Just create a list, give it a name, including the apps in the list that you want. It is easy and simple.

Launch Actions

You can choose different shortcuts to launch a variety of services from the phone.

If you want to perform everything faster on your phone, this will help a lot.

Modify Internal Search

When you want to search for something on your phone, the Quick Shortcut Maker will help.

You can modify the search result according to your preferences.

Faster Access

Need quick access to an app? Just search for the app in Quick Shortcut Maker and you will find it.

Different Themes

The app has its own built-in themes from where the users can select.

The app is designed to save you time and make it easy to access too many apps at ease.

Download Quick Shortcut Maker Apk

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