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If you search in google play store for the Quran app, you will find dozens of apps with different features.

Among them, the Quran for Android is the most popular one.

Moreover, this is one of the oldest Quran apps for android users.

You can now read the holy book in your phone using the app.

No matter wherever you are, you don’t need the actual book, you can directly read on your phone without any internet.

Quran For Android Apk Features

Madani Compliant Images

You will have crystal clear Madani compliant images in the app.

So, it will give a good vibe during your reading.

Night Mode

If you like to read at night in silence, no issues.

There is a night mode in the app.

Turn on the night mode and read the holy Quran without any problem.

Audio Playback

In case you are traveling somewhere, it could be tough for you to read.

The audio playback will give you the freedom to listen to the Quran.

You can listen at any time. There are 15 audio recitations are available in the app with highlighting support.

You can customize different features, get translations for 20 different languages, and more.

Download Quran Apk

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