RDR2: Companion Apk Download For Android


Download RDR2: Companion Apk

If you want some real action in the game, install RDR2: Companion.

It will directly connect with your PlayStation®4 and Xbox One® for playing.

Once you install it, you will get access to a real-time interactive map.

This map allows to zoom and pan functions for your convenience.

With the full game journal, you can easily understand what do in this.

You will explore a wider range of places.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Companion Features

Real-Time Map

As I have mentioned above, this game comes with a real-time map.

You can find out the places through this map.

Find out your position, set your way points and find nearest stores.

You can hunt for your enemies using the map.

It will point out where you should go for attacking.

Official Digital Guide

Sometimes you may find that playing a new game is difficult.

This is happening because you don’t know what to do in it.

But there are no such issues in it as you will get a digital guide.

You will know how to survive as an outlaw in the American lifestyle.

HD Graphics

Though currently, so many games are claiming that they have a high definition interface, this one will give you the real HD graphics. Everything is so much realistic.

This is a complete package where anyone can start.

Download RDR2: Companion Apk


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