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Action games come in a variety of categories.

But what about an action game based on the mythology-based action-adventure?

Yes, Ria is the game where you will find this thing.

Like you have heard about stories in childhood, here you will have to fight against the dark creatures.

That is not going to be easy for you.

This is an open-world game wherein each scene and stage, the things will be changed.

Ria Games Apk Features

Open World

The god has sent his son to fight against the enemies.

Dynamically generated creatures will change each time you start playing it.

Be the brave one who is ready to face the dark creatures and unlimited powerful enemies.

Collect and Upgrade

You always have the chance to collect new resources to make yourself more powerful.

Face the dark soul enemies and bosses to experience and collect new weapons.

Also, find armors to protect yourself.


This is not going to be easy to save the world. In each step of the games, you will get new obstacles.

You have to handle the situation like a pro.

Survival and saving the world is challenging that you have to compete again and again.

Playing Ria is fun. Graphics quality is great that gives pleasure to the eyes.

Download Ria Games Apk

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