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Do you consider yourself creative and have an interest in architecture? If yes, Roller Coaster Tycoon is your go-to app. Especially, the mod version comes with more features that you will just spend hours and hours in the app without getting bored. This is a simulation game where you will build an amusement park according to your choice.

The app allows users to set everything precisely with styles. No matter whatever your dream amusement park is, you can apply your imagination in this app. It is developed by Atari, Inc. which is a giant app developer. Currently, the app has multiple versions and the mod version comes with pre-unlocked everything.

RollerCoaster Tycoon


Roller Coaster Tycoon Mod APK Features

✔Multiple Parks at the Same Time

You don’t have to stick to a particular park while building a new park. The app now allows users to build multiple parks at the same time. The interesting fact is, regardless of the geolocation, you can choose different cities of the world to make your parks. You just need to grab your passport and then start traveling around the world. Visit the most attractive places in the world to find a preferable area where you could build a new park. Also, making a park in a busy city gives the chance to attract more tourists to the park. By attracting more tourists, you can get new features in it.

Wide Range of Elements

Though the name of the app is Roller Coaster Tycoon, this is not the only limit. Besides installing different types of roller coasters, here you can also build other tourist attractions. Even for roller coasters, there are hundreds of types available with exciting rides. These rides are more exciting and you can grab more opportunities. Different pre-made roller coasters are available for inclusion in the park. You can arrange mini-games inside the park. Choose different parks and play mini-games within the park to win more coins and unlock new elements.

Customize Everything

Once you build a new thing, the first thought that will come to your mind is, could you customize the things! The answer is yes; you can customize everything. If you have added trains and stations in the park, customize them as you want to see them. Change the color and the outlook of the train. Make the stations attractive so that tourists like it. It is so easy to do. Just use your fingertip and you can customize the things. 

Attractive Sceneries

An amusement park is incomplete without the right style of scenario. For this, the mod version of the app allows you to get tons of sceneries and styles. The app gives pre-challenges while trying to add new scenes. This is really exciting and you can win more elements to add to the park. At this point, users can win more points and coins to unlock new features. The new version of the app also features water tiles. From there, you add rivers, waterpark, and similar things for your park.

Make a Profitable Construction

To target more tourists and gain more money, add other businesses besides the roller coaster. Make new restaurants, shops, other businesses, and more. It allows you to challenge other Roller Coaster Tycoon players. Run the shops according to your wish and sell things that people might like. Show the level of your creativity by customizing things and making them unique. 

See from All Angels

The new version of the application offers to see the park from all angles. The feature is called camera rotation. That means you can see from whichever angle you want. It helps the users to improve the features of the park. For instance, suppose you are looking to add a new element in the park and you don’t know from which angle it would look better. In that case, just use the camera rotation feature and see the park from above to bring some changes. Besides, it includes a new world map to see the cities at ease.

Face New Challenges

There is no point in building endless things in the park while you can’t show them to others. Considering this, the Roller Coaster Tycoon mod apk has brought the feature where you can visit other parks around the world. Visit the parks of your friends and trade them cards to win new things. Here you will also have the chance to challenge them and make more profit. Moreover, here you will have to face some management challenges. Only building the park won’t give you the guarantee of winning everything. Rather, you need to manage the properties with the best skills. Manage the shops, economy, and other things.

HD Graphics

As it is a construction app, the interface of the app needs to be very attractive. Considering this, the Roller Coaster Tycoon mod apk comes with 3D HD graphics. From characters to elements of the park, everything looks so realistic. That gives a pleasant experience to its users.

700+ Cards

The apk includes more than 700 cards with a variation. There are 4 types of cards available in the app to win – common, rare, epic, and legendary. Winning more cards means getting more opportunities to improve the parks. However, the mod version has some pre-unlocked cards. 


  • Enjoyable to play and easy to edit things
  • Comes with HD graphics for a better experience
  • Easy to navigate user-interface
  • Tons of new features
  • Things are customizable
  • New challenges with friends
  • Different cities to explore with iconic landmarks
  • Camera rotation to see from a variety of angels


  • Need a good display in the device
  • Enough skills are required to get more in the app

Final Words

If you have enough interest in construction and you can’t stop thinking of new things, you must download the Roller Coaster Tycoon Mod Apk. The app will give you endless ways to pass your time in building new things. While using the apk, it feels like you are in real world construction. Moreover, here you don’t have to build the parks in a particular city. 

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